Workshop and panels on STC2020

Description: Workshops and panels are session intended to discuss and practice innovative topics with the conference participants.
Length: cannot exceed 3 pages
Format: must adhere to the IOS template with the following

Structure: Title, Topic, Rationale Outcome (three take home messages?), Programme, prac- tical implementation of workshop/panel
Presentation: 90-minute sessions (only). The workshop/panel must allow at least 30 minutes for discussion or other interactive forms of collaborative working with the intended audience Submission deadline: 31.8.2020

Remarks: The Scientific Programme Committee encourages equal representation of women and men among the speakers.

Guidelines for practical implementation

Engaging participants in a virtual workshop/panel require a bit more than a physical workshop/panel, however having a clear purpose and outcome. So decide when submitting your contribution how you want to organize your workshop/panel. You can use the following questions:

  • Do you want to have small discussion for a during the workshop?
    • Then you might want to have extra“meetingrooms”
  • How would you like participants to pose questions or comments?
    • Verbally? Maybe simply by participants to raise their hand
    • In writing? Maybe Kahoot, googleform, typeform
  • How would you like participants to interact
    • Padlets, Online whiteboard (Miro, Mural, stormboard etc)
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